PITCH PF3000 Seating offers Five-Year Warranty

Pitch Aircraft Seating Systems is offering a five-year warranty across all parts on their PF3000 seat.
“We have great confidence in our product and to show it we are offering a five-year warranty across all parts, including the plastics and foams,” Paul Broadaway, managing director, affirmed. “We have a product that, through design, withstands the rigors of daily operations and retains its appearance. Our confidence in the PF3000 is reflected in our commitment to support a five-year warranty on all components.”

Testing for a longer life
The company says their PF3000 has undergone extensive cyclic and abuse testing to ensure it will last in harsh cabin environments. Its design is based on more than four years in-service data and the seat has proved to be very tough they add. The foam and dress cover system exceeded  expectations in the simulated five-year cyclic tests, showing only marginal degradation and offering a long life in service.

Low cost of ownership
The PF3000 is designed to dramatically reduce the airlines’ cost of ownership. The construction of the seat is robust with proven materials and a low part count. The five-year warranty is complimented with an airline managed inventory to eliminate lead time delays for spare parts and product Pitch says. Fast swap out times for all line replaceable units make the seat an easy choice for the maintenance team.


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