Power Flow Systems Acquires Assets of Leading Edge Exhaust Systems

Power Flow Systems General has doubled its product offerings with the purchase of assets from Leading Edge Exhaust Systems in Anchorage, Alaska. Dane Wagner, founder of Leading Edge passed away unexpectedly in December of 2017 leaving the company dormant. A former competitor of Power Flow in the development of tuned exhaust systems, Leading Edge had an extensive product line with no overlap of the STCs developed by Power Flow.

“We are pleased to integrate Leading Edge’s well-regarded products into Power Flow’s established product line,” said Darren Tilman, president of Power Flow Systems, Inc. “Leading Edge offered high performance exhaust systems for several popular aircraft models for which Power Flow had no product. We are excited that we can now bring Power Flow’s reputation for documented performance enhancement and Customer Service to more aircraft owners.” The target market for each company’s products has included the owners of about 30,000 different aircraft. Thus, Power Flow has effectively doubled its pool of potential customers.

With the unique STCs and patents developed by Leading Edge, Power Flow will now be offering exhaust systems for Cessna 180, 182, & 185 airframes, and all models of the Cessna 205 through 210 airframes with Continental six cylinder engines. They will also begin servicing Piper Super Cubs and Super Cruisers. Owners of relevant models can find more information at PowerFlowSystems.com.

Power Flow moved all Leading Edge tooling and inventory to its headquarters in Daytona Beach in July and expects to begin shipping Leading Edge’s tuned exhaust systems by the end of the year. For customers who had deposits with Leading Edge, Power Flow will grant shipping priority if they wish to re-instate their orders. Power Flow will also support any new requests for Leading Edge components as soon as possible after the transfer of equipment.

The key behind the tuned exhaust is the length of the pipes comprising the exhaust manifold and the “collector” that allows for a more complete evacuation of exhaust gases from the cylinders. That, in turn, allows for a greater amount of fuel/air mixture to enter the cylinder before firing, increasing efficiency and boosting power.

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