PPG Develops Flexible Nozzles for Aerospace Sealant Application


PPG Industries has developed flexible nozzles that are easily shaped by hand at room temperature for use with cartridges to apply aerospace sealants. SEMBEND nozzles are available in SEMCO packaging and application systems by PPG.

According to Dillon Desai, PPG Aerospace global market development manager for packaging, Sembend nozzles offer advantages over standard bent nozzles and were developed to respond to customer needs for on-site shaping to meet specific requirements.

“Aircraft workers and maintenance personnel often need a nozzle with a custom-formed bend or shape for a particular sealant or adhesive application,” Desai said. “While PPG offers nozzles with standard angle bends, they must be ordered in advance to allow time for manufacturing. PPG stocks Sembend nozzles for immediate shipping so order lead time is reduced. Minimum order quantities are significantly lower.”

Sembend nozzles are made with a proprietary plastic material, and operators slowly bend them with their hands to form the shape desired for the application. Applying heat or using tools is not required. Sembend nozzles have excellent shape retention and can be reshaped if the initial forming needs to be adjusted.

“Operators using Sembend nozzles have reported time savings and improved sealing accuracy,” Desai said. “The nozzles have continued flexibility after being bent, offering the end user increased functionality.”

Sembend nozzles are available in standard orifice sizes and lengths as well as additional geometries by request.

To learn more about Semco packaging and application systems, visit www.semcopackaging.com or call the PPG Aerospace customer service line (in North America) at +1-800-AEROMIX



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