PPG Launches Sealant Injection Tool for Channel Seals

PPG has launched a high-pressure aerospace sealant injection tool that addresses the unique application requirements of channel sealing aircraft wings for prevention of fuel leaks during flight. The SEMCO 1010 HP (high-pressure) injection tool has a pressure limiting mechanism, and it is certified for use in potentially volatile environments.

According to Dr. Wei Chen, PPG global product manager for aerospace packaging, the Semco model 1010 HP injection tool works well with the highly viscous, noncuring sealant that is forced through grooves of aircraft wings.

“Successful channel sealing requires the right equipment and highly knowledgeable operators,” Chen said. “The wing can be damaged if the sealant application pressure is too high, requiring significant rework, particularly with composite aircraft. The Semco 1010 HP dispensing tool has a pressure limiting mechanism designed to prevent this from happening.”

The tool is ATEX Class II certified, making it suitable for use in potentially volatile environments during maintenance applications, and salt fog resistant for highly corrosive theatres. It weighs 19 pounds (8.6 kilograms).

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