PWI Earns PMA Approval for CompleteLED Cabin Light System in Dassault Falcon 900B

 PWI has developed and earned PMA approval for a complete LED cabin light system. This LED lighting package fully replaces the PWI OEM fluorescent lights originally installed in the 900B. This LED kit uses the original aircraft lighting wiring and direct replacements for each fluorescent light in the passenger cabin, lav and galley areas.

“The Falcon 900B is a proven, reliable, workhorse aircraft and PWI is grateful for the original opportunity to supply cabin lighting. Today, we are excited to bring our LED cabin lighting back to this business jet,” said Robi Lorik, President and CEO of PWI. “Our cabin completion and MRO installation centers have encouraged us to complete this lighting update. PWI is looking to expand approved LED lighting to additional business jets this year,” he continued.

There are two different cabin lighting options in the 900B. One features two long runs of lights – one upwash onto the headliner, and the other row is downwash lights – just above the windows, on each side of the cabin. The other cabin lighting design features louvered lights in the headliner. Both versions share the downwash lights.

The installation of PWI LEDs is very straightforward. Using the original aircraft wiring, the LEDs are installed in the exact location as the fluorescents. PWI LEDs are supplied with the correct aircraft electrical connectors. The PWI LED light design allows use in the upwash and downwash indirect lighting that the Falcon 900B is known for. There is no new complicated lighting control system to install and learn to use.

PWI LEDs are already known for very long life, compatibility with any cabin management system or aircraft dimming controls, and very low power draw. These approved LEDs are designed specifically for the Falcon 900B and are not a one-size-fits-all generic lighting solution. “You can spend far more money on cabin lights, but you don’t have to,” Lorik noted.

Some cabin LEDs require the purchase and installation of a third-party cabin management system. PWI LED customers avoid that additional time and cost creep by using the original cabin lighting controls. One less variable during installation and testing means the aircraft can be returned to service sooner.

The PWI LED design was designed to retain the original cabin appearance. There are no dark spots or light gaps – which is especially important in long runs of light through the open passenger cabin. Some fluorescent light and even LED systems create dim or dark spots between light elements. PWI fluorescents solved that challenge in the 1970s and the new LED system retains that appeal.

Whether charter, special missions or business travel, installing PWI LEDs provide long life and minimal power draw. Low power LEDs make it easy to turn On cabin lights for passenger boarding, without draining the aircraft battery.

Part Number
42-light LED kit and 36-light LED kit: 6910100-007