Qantas Ushers in Business Transformation Using Mxi Technologies’ Maintenix Software

Mxi Technologies announced that the Maintenix software has gone live at Qantas in support of the first-phase implementation of the organization’s engineering system replacement project. The project, with the Maintenix software at its core, represents an ambitious business-driven IT transformation of maintenance and engineering operations at the airline.

The Maintenix software provides the Qantas Maintenance and Engineering organization with a solution that supports real-time access to maintenance information on any aircraft from anywhere in the world. In addition to real-time data recording and reporting, detailed historical records and modeled future projections offer unparalleled visibility into the use and maintenance requirements of the Qantas fleet, which directly supports the organization’s exacting standards for safety and compliance.

In using Maintenix to modernize their maintenance operations, Qantas benefits from a holistic, next-generation system that supports meaningful business improvements and a smarter, more efficient approach to maintenance planning, management, and execution.

“Through our implementation of Maintenix we have reaffirmed our commitment to excellence by applying industry-leading business processes enabled by industry-leading software.” says David Kelly, the project program director.

“This first phase represents a milestone not only for Qantas and Mxi, but also for the aviation industry,” says Dave Seibel, chairman and CEO, Mxi Technologies. “There is a notable change taking place in the aviation business landscape as organizations begin to look to the realignment of business processes within their maintenance operations as a means to achieve their business goals.”


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