Safety Expert Guzzetti Quoted In Washington Post Regarding United B777 Engine Out

Safety expert Jeff Guzzetti, formerly with FAA, NTSB and the Office of the Inspector General – Aviation office, a regular contributor to Aviation Maintenance magazine, was interviewed and quoted in a story in the Washington Post about the United Airlines B777 that experienced an engine failure, rained debris on the Denver suburbs but ultimately made a safe return and landing back at the DIA airport.

In the Post story Guzzetti is quoted saying: “There’s a real hazard with engine cowl parts coming off and potentially knocking off the tail, or causing a depressurization, or creating drag when you’re over the ocean and affecting your extended operations,” Guzzetti said.

Guzzetti went on to emphasize: “You should not have large pieces of the engine covering, like the inlet and the fan cowl, fall off the airplane because they become projectiles that can damage the airplane, or people on the ground,” Guzzetti said.

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