Sherwin-Williams Launches New Aerospace Conductive Coating

Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Coatings added a new aerospace conductive coating (CM0485115) to its line of undercoats, enabling aircraft owners to impart conductivity onto aluminum and composite substrates. The coating offers high conductivity to non-conductive substrates by producing an anti-static conductive film on their surfaces with a resistivity of 0.1 to 100,000 ohms per square meter to help static charges dissipate from antennas and radomes. The coating is designed with excellent adhesion and offers excellent fluid resistance.

Conductive coating (CM0485115) is designed to work with Sherwin-Williams topcoat systems. Using a 1:1 mix ratio, the product is simple to mix and apply. It is compatible with all non-electrostatic spray equipment and can be applied onto pre-primed aluminum and composite substrates to achieve high conductivity. For the best results, the company says the conductive coating should be applied in one singular, continuous closed film or one cross coat. The application can happen in a wide range of environmental conditions, and the coating can be air cured or force dried, providing flexibility for applicators. Drying times vary based on the dry film thickness.

“As composite substrates continue to grow in popularity in the aerospace market, it’s important for our customers to have ready access to a robust conductive coating that can meet their requirements for functionality, durability and ease of application,” said Julie Voisin, market segment manager, aerospace, OEM interior and commercial vehicle refinish. “Our new conductive coating is a perfect complement to our product offering and commitment to deliver high-performing products to the aerospace marketplace.”