SkyThread Launches Aircraft Parts Track & Trace Solution

SkyThread has introduced SkyThread for Parts, a blockchain SaaS solution that captures and tracks all aircraft part events, both on and off aircraft, from manufacturing through decommission.

Key launch customers include international airlines, airline owned and independent MROs, as well as tier-1 OEMs and their component repair stations.

“SkyThread for Parts utilizes the SkyThread Blockchain Data Network, which enables seamless data sharing between stakeholders in complex ecosystems with consensus-driven data governance and automated data validation,” said Mark Roboff, SkyThread’s co-founder and CEO.

SkyThread for Parts dismantles the trust barriers that have inhibited efficient data sharing between commercial aviation stakeholders.

“SkyThread does not replace the legacy IT systems used by airlines, MROs, and OEMs, but rather runs in cooperation with them,” Roboff said.

“SkyThread for Parts resolves the inefficiencies, waste, and delays that plague commercial aviation due in large part to the challenges of manually sharing part history data between siloed systems,” Roboff continued. “Furthermore, SkyThread for Parts enables the industry to transform reliability analysis, moving to the tracking of actual cycles and hours for all serialized parts.”

SkyThread for Parts unlocks substantial efficiencies and cash flow benefits for all aviation stakeholders by providing critical visibility into the aviation supply chain via SkyThread’s unified source of truth.