STG Aerospace Launches New Passenger LED Reading Light

STG Reading Light_251STG Aerospace has launched the liTeMood LED reading light. STG says liTeMood LED reading lights are an affordable plug and play replacement for Boeing 737 NG incandescent reading lights. The passenger centric lighting units feature a patented photometric design that delivers a square light pattern which precisely defines the individual passenger space, while preventing the inconvenient light spill onto neighboring passengers.

STG says liTeMood LED reading lights offer high levels of performance, are 10 times more reliable than incandescent lights, and offer an 80 percent power reduction to increase the aircraft electrical efficiency.

“We have designed a really clever optic that instead of providing a circular light source, delivers a high quality uniform square light pattern which provides a better reading environment and defines the passenger space,” says Dr Sean O’Kell, director of Innovation at STG Aerospace. “Our new reading light is the latest example of our commitment to human-centric lighting and has been designed to tick all the boxes – the quality of light, the quantity of light, the passenger experience and the ease of installation – for the airline it really is just like changing a bulb.”

Nigel Duncan, CEO of STG Aerospace, added, “Our liTeMood product range is an affordable, aftermarket, mood lighting solution designed to enhance the passenger experience. At STG Aerospace we ensure airlines receive top quality, highly reliable next generation lighting systems that genuinely deliver an improved passenger experience and improved operational metrics for the airlines. Attention must be paid to providing passengers with a sense of control and personal privacy in their immediate environment while offering airlines a high quality lighting ambience and high CRI levels to optimize their retail environment and increase yields.”

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