Twin Commander Aircraft Supports Fleet with Free Upgrade Kits

Twin Commander Aircraft is offering two free upgrade kits for Service Bulletin 241. FAA Airworthiness Directive 2013-09-05 is a mandatory maintenance item for owners of Twin Commander 690/A/B models. Owners who have not yet complied with Service Bulletin 241, the AD’s compliance method, can now receive a free kit from Twin Commander Aircraft. The kit has a value of $16,325 and includes the major components necessary to complete the service bulletin, which addresses potential cracking in the aft pressure bulkhead.

To be eligible for a donated kit an owner must order the kit and have it installed at one of 13 Factory Authorized Twin Commander Service Center facilities, a worldwide network dedicated to Twin Commander service, sales, and support. Only two SB241 kits are available, so the company urges operators to hurry to get confirmed for donated kit.

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