Unison Industries Signs 10-Year Services Agreement with Qatar Airways

Unison Industries signed a 10-year Material Services Agreement with Qatar Airways in support of Qatar Airways’ their fleet growth rate. The agreement extends through 2024 and covers external Unison new parts and component repairs for all engine lines in the Qatar Airways fleet which includes the CF6, CFM, V2500, GEnx, GE90 and GP7200.

“We are very pleased to have Qatar Airways as a key customer on this strategic materials agreement,” Unison President Giovanni Spitale said. “This agreement demonstrates Unison’s ability to support Qatar Airways’ requirements for quality, technical excellence, delivery and value.”

Unison brings strengths in the areas of exchange programs, upgrades and repairs with the goal of providing Qatar Airways with the highest quality support, and operational effectiveness. Unison’s parts and services are designed to reduce maintenance costs, lower cost of ownership and provide the highest possible fleet reliability.  External engine parts manufactured, supported and repaired by Unison Industries include the ignition system, power and control harnesses, sensors and fluid conveyance systems for air, oil, fuel and hydraulics.

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