Walter Surface Technologies launches ZIP ONE

Walter Surface Technologies (WST) has announced a new product, ZIP ONE, a high performance extra thin cut-off wheel on the market. “Many of our clients have been asking us for a thinner version of our current leading cutting wheels. Our engineers and product developers have succeeded in making a world breakthrough: an extra thin 1mm wheel that lasts. We have made it down to 1 mm, with a very resistant, high quality and cost-effective disc. We are very proud of this technical achievement,’’ says Pierre Somers, chairman and CEO of Walter Surface Technologies International.

Technical innovation in bonded abrasives
Designed for cutting thin gauge metal, ZIP ONE is a specially-reinforced disc bonded with a unique, proprietary mix of high performance abrasives that deliver extra cool cutting. A new technology enables an optimal grit distribution throughout the disc. Until now, good performance cutting wheels claimed to be 1 mm in thickness, but actually measured closer to the range of 1.4 to 1.7 mm. ZIP ONE is the first wheel on the market with a true 1 mm (1/32”) thickness that can last much more than only a few cuts.

ZIP ONE offers the highest quality cutting on the market. This ultra-fast tool allows extremely precise cuts, without vibrations and very low friction. High speed cutting also avoids discoloration on cuts and reduces post-cut finishing, such as burr removal. Manufactured with an iron-free mix, ZIP ONE is guaranteed not to contaminate stainless steel. The ZIP ONE wheel has a significantly longer life span compared to other true 1mm thin wheels, offering more cuts per wheel and the lowest price per cut.

ZIP ONE is ideal for several industrial applications and sectors that work with thin metal sheets (thinner than gauge 14 or 5/64’’ thickness), including:

• Kitchen / Pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer
• Custom stainless steel shop
• HVAC / Plumbing / Electrical
• Architectural manufacturer
• Elevators & conveyors
• Thermocouples / Thin wall tubing manufacturers
• Aerospace / Transportation
• Body shops
• Sign manufacturing / Shop displays
• Air / Water filter manufacturers

ZIP ONE is available in the US and Canada as of January, 2013.


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