Lundin Acquires AMICOS Aviation Software

International aviation maintenance software designer, Lundin Software, has announced its acquisition of the Danish aviation maintenance software program AMICOS.

Lundin is the company behind the highly innovative and increasingly popular GANNET aviation maintenance management software, and launched its Gannet 3 – a faster, smarter and highly competitive new version of the GANNET – earlier this year.

The development relates to  the acquisition  AMICOS’s software programme and activities from the Amicos A/S business, which was recently purchased by Benjamin Nielsen, the owner of Skyways Technics A/S. 

“We appreciate the arrangement with Lundin Software as it has the competence needed to support the AMICOS software client base,” says Nielsen. 

AMICOS was successfully developed by Cimber Air, in Denmark, but has been struggling to modernise its platform since the demise of the Cimber Aviation Group.

“We aim to re-establish confidence in the AMICOS brand and will offer operators who still use the system both ongoing support and highly competitive solutions for the future,” says Lundin founder Jørleif Bech.

Lundin has successfully implemented GANNET worldwide with a broad portfolio of companies across the aviation sector, covering fixed-wing,  rotary-wing and a variety of MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) companies.

GANNET is an intuitive and easy to use system that provides an instant and reliable update of the fleet status. It is a tool designed to support a safe and compliant operation while saving time and money.

Lundin’s Executive Chairman Magni Arge adds: “Gannet has been brought into service by about 50 operators in 15 countries on five continents, so we are perfectly positioned to ensure continuity for AMICOS clients.”