AAR’s Landing Gear PBL Program wins 2021 Secretary of Defense PBL Award

AAR was awarded the 2021 Secretary of Defense Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) Award for its Landing Gear PBL (LGPBL) Program. The Award acknowledges Government-industry teams that have demonstrated innovative sustainment solutions. The LGPBL Program is the largest commodity-level U.S. Air Force (USAF) PBL contract, supporting C-130, E-3, and KC-135 aircraft landing gear system sustainment.

As the prime contractor, AAR provides total supply chain support for these assets, directing procurement, inventory management, and commercial and USAF depot remanufacturing operations. The USAF-AAR team has driven industry best practices and innovation at the USAF Ogden landing gear remanufacturing facility, while balancing performance metrics and optimizing availability.

“The outstanding partnership between the USAF and AAR has generated increased readiness at a reduced cost,” said Lisa Smith, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Product Support. By aligning long-term product support planning and sustainment activities, the team has achieved a 97% reduction in Mission Impaired Capability Awaiting Parts (MICAPs), realized an 88% reduction in backorders, shortened requisition fulfillment times, repatriated remanufacturing workload to the USAF, and diversified the supply chain through new source identification and approval.

“The USAF-AAR team has developed and successfully delivered a pioneering PBL solution, leveraging commercial best practices to optimize C-130, E-3, and KC-135 mission readiness,” said Nick Gross, AAR senior vice president of Integrated Solutions. “AAR is honored to receive this award and looks forward to continuing our strong and effective partnership with the USAF.”