AAT Boeing 737 Aircraft Fuselage and Wing Support Shoring System

Advantage Aviation Technologies (AAT) announced the availability of a Boeing 737 Support Structure system. The support structures are to be designed to support key areas of 737 aircraft during AOG, scheduled and Boeing issued airworthiness directive inspections.

The support structure system provides 737 Operators and MROs and excellent alternative to existing wood specific fuselage and wing supports with design improvement integration of metal, wood and aluminum, increasing performance, portability, and storage. The AAT designed support system provides adjustable support of Boeing 737, fuselage, wing, keel and secondary window sections of the aircraft. The AAT Support System is comprised of seven individual assembly stations.

• Wing, fuselage keel, and alternative fuselage window support assembly stations
• Fabricated with a combination of metal, aluminum and hard-oak saddle horizontal stabilizer saddle supports
• Single and double precision screw jacks and preset adjustment pins for exact fit
• Retractable weight bearing Side-Wind Swivel Jacks for easy maneuverability
• Contoured hard oak wood saddles is fabricated to exact dimensions
• Each support system is designed to provide over 50% weight bearing beyond spec

“The FAA recently issued an AD requiring visual inspection of potential fuselage issues on 737 600 and 700 series airplanes. We designed this system specifically for commercial operator MROs that require scheduled 737 support repairs and inspections,” stated Glenn Mayberry, director of Commercial Aircraft Sales at AAT. “We wanted to demonstrate our commitment to operators with a dual use inspection and repair solution.”


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