Aviation Maintenance Magzine (AVM) has been a trusted, highly referenced & revered GLOBAL publication covering MRO, Upgrades and refurbishment on commercial, Business/GA and military aircraft GLOBALLY since 1983.

NEW for 2017 – AVM has INCREASED its PRINT circulation to over 35,000 individual copies GLOBALLY with a min of 30,000 copies printed/distributed within the US as well as a growing PRINT circulation outside the USA.  This is BEFORE you factor in the additional 20,000+ bonus distribution show copies every year and with the new open source website from 1st Jan 2017 its digital readership is expected to reach over 10,000 per month (unique visits).

When you add up all of the above then this brings AVMs overall circulation to over 40,000 people worldwide. Furthermore if you apply the pass on loyal readership multiples (as shown in our recent INDEPENDENT READER SURVEY) then AVM boasts a conservative READERSHIP of over 90,000 MRO professionals.

BPAWorldwideBPA_WorldwideEstablished over 25 years ago Aviation Maintenance is one of the few publications that not only is a dominant voice in the USA but also now one of the few publications in the MRO sector that ALSO boasts one of the largest International circulations. Its circulation is supported by the BPA.

Here are some regular opportunities you should consider as part of your advertising campaign within AVM:

  • INDUSTRY LEADER PROFILES – In the Aug/Sept issue we have a regular Special Buy One Get One FREE offer
  • GIANTS OF MRO – In the Dec/Jan 18 issue we have our 2nd Special Buy One Get One FREE offer

In addition to the main PRINT platform, AVM has many related products that can help companies promote themselves to our 40K+ global readership. Such as,

  • EMAIL SHOTS – In addition to placing your banner on our various monthly emails to our readers, we can also send out dedicated emails from you.
  • SPOTLIGHTS – We also send a monthly document to our readers highlighting up to 8 commercial companies – all our readers need to do is click for more info and these leads are sent direct to the advertiser.
  • WALLPLANNER – We are now producing a very large 2016 wallplanner for all of our readers to place in their workplace – it is being distributed with the Oct issue and features a limited amount of advertising slots.
  • REPAIR CENTRE DIRECTORY & NEW BUYERS GUIDE –The Annual Repair Center Directory is published as part of the Feb/March issue in Print and Digital format.
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