AJW Group Expands PBH Contract with Air Transat

AJW Group Expands PBH Contract with Air Transat

AJW Group signed a new Power-by-the-Hour (PBH) support contract with Canadian airline, Air Transat. The support contract will see the business manage the complete supply, repair, overhaul, and warranty of major components for the operator’s expanding fleet of Airbus A321 NEO and CEO aircraft at Air Transat’s primary base of operations in Montreal, Quebec as well as from bases in Toronto and Vancouver.

Air Transat has recently renewed its fleet with A321NEO aircraft, the greenest aircraft in their category as part of a commitment to a healthier environment, and are included in the support contract.

AJW Group has supported Air Transat with PBH service contracts for nearly 10 years, originally for their Airbus A330 fleet. The signing of this contract is a testament to the overall quality, support, and customer service delivered by the Group. Today’s announcement reinforces AJW’s position as the market leader for end-to-end supply chain solutions for the A320 family of aircraft.

“We are pleased to have renewed our power-by-the-hour agreement with AJW Group for our fleet of A321 CEO and our new A321 NEO aircraft,” said Mario Lafrance, vice president, technical operations of Air Transat. “We have worked with the Group for many years and are confident that our maintenance needs are always supported with knowledge and experience so we can focus on dispatch reliability and excellent customer experience.”

Sajedah Rustom, CEO of AJW Technique, commented: “We are proud that AJW has signed the power-by-the-hour contract with Air Transat. This is a testament to our strong partnership and commitment to excellence in the Canadian and global supply chain. The partnership cements AJW’s position as market leader on the A320 CEO and NEO family with world-class, in-house maintenance support coming from AJW Technique, our flagship MRO operation in Montreal.”