ALUULA Composites Enables Lighter & Stronger Inflatable Designs

ALUULA Composites says that its ALUULA Durlyte materials are particularly well suited for use in inflatable designs.

These unique composites have several inherent qualities that align well with the demands of structural inflated systems. Heat-weldable, ultra-lightweight and extremely abrasion- and UV resistant, Durlyte can enable both efficiency and durability that have been previously impossible. Completely impervious to water and requiring no additional bladder material, Durlyte provides a standalone solution that will be not only tougher but simpler to construct.

“Although ALUULA materials are now being used in a variety of ways in a wide range of high performance products, the Durlyte composites have proven very well suited to inflatable structures or frames. Replacing heavier and bulkier alternatives, ALUULA based inflatables stand alone as easy to work with while exhibiting a superior strength to weight ratio and abrasion resistance characteristics.” said ALUULA COO John Zimmerman.