AMADA WELD TECH EUROPE Announces the DC-H3000A High Duty DC Spot Welding Power Supply

AMADA WELD TECH has announced the availability of the DC-H3000A High Duty cycle, DC Spot Welding Power Supply for high precision micro-joining applications. This power supply is designed for applications where high levels of accuracy, process control and traceability is required.

The switching system architecture of the DC-H3000A provides unsurpassed levels of DC current purity, with ultra-low ripple and fast loop response, which enables it to react to, and control challenging applications, achieving a stated accuracy of +/- 1% of the controlled parameter set point. The precise pulsed output delivered to the weld, is controlled in terms of either the peak voltage, current or power.

The DC-H3000A also features an exceptional user interface and system connectivity capabilities. A modern, intuitive Touch Screen display allows easy access to the weld settings, data logging and communications functionality. The DC-H3000A is equipped with USB, Ethernet, RS232 and conventional I/O communication ports for interfacing with control systems and/or capture of all welder performance data, which allows for simple automation and machine integration.

For a complete solution, the DC-H3000A can interface directly with the high-performance AMADA WELD TECH WH-L090A Linear Motor Weld Head or pneumatically driven weld heads for improved process control.

The DC-H3000A (formerly known as DC2013-T) is suited to any micro-joining application requiring a current of less than 3,000 Amps.