AMADA WELD TECH EUROPE announces the DC-H3000A High Duty DC Spot Welding Power Supply for High Precision Applications

AMADA WELD TECH announced the availability of the DC-H3000A High Duty cycle, DC Spot Welding Power Supply for high precision micro-joining applications. This power supply is designed for use in the medical device industry and other applications where the highest level of accuracy, process control and traceability is required.

The switching system architecture of the DC-H3000A provides unsurpassed levels of DC current purity, with ultra-low ripple and fast loop response, which enables it to react to, and control challenging applications, achieving a stated accuracy of +/- 1% of the controlled parameter set point. The precise pulsed output delivered to the weld, is controlled in terms of either the peak voltage, current or power.
The DC-H3000A also features an exceptional user interface and system connectivity capabilities. A modern, intuitive Touch Screen display allows easy access to the weld settings, data logging and communications functionality. The DC-H3000A is equipped with USB, Ethernet, RS232 and conventional I/O communication ports for interfacing with control systems and/or capture of all welder performance data, which allows for simple automation and machine integration.

For a complete solution, the DC-H3000A can interface directly with the high-performance AMADA WELD TECH WH-L090A Linear Motor Weld Head or pneumatically driven weld heads for improved process control.

The DC-H3000A (formerly known as DC2013-T) is suited to any micro-joining application requiring a current of less than 3,000 Amps.