AMADA WELD TECH EUROPE Highlights the IS-Q Series Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply

AMADA WELD TECH EUROPE highlights it’s IS-Q Series Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply. With a compact design for optimal system integration, the IS-Q series is designed to be used in combination with mechanical, pneumatical, or motorized weld heads. This technology is ideal for a variety of applications, including stranded wire to coil, motor fusing, and stranded wire to terminal welds.

The IS-Q Series offers control monitoring with both MG3 and the OP-AWS3-A Active Welding Systems. The OP-AWS3-A integrates the process control of all mechanical and electrical parameters. It also integrates static and dynamic process monitoring, as well as quality analysis with an advanced SPC feature and data logging capability.

The integrated process monitoring offered by this series allows for rigorous quality control. With a high output current, the system also leads to short cycle times. With up to 20kHz of feedback, it enables fast reaction to fluctuations in the weld process. Indeed, optimum feedback is achieved due to the series’ current, voltage, and power mode controls. The ISQ-Series also offers additional force control via a proportional pneumatic valve.

The IS-Q Series comes in a variety of different versions, each with a different performance range, weld current type, as well as various other features. These versions include the IS-Q3000A, the IS-Q6000A, the IS-Q40A, and the IS-Q500A.