Amglo Touts Q4559X Aircraft Landing Light’s Durability, Long Life 

Amglo, manufacturer of specialty lamps since 1935, announced the availability of the Amglo Q4559X halogen aircraft landing light. This highly engineered lamp produces the highest light output on the market for increased visibility by day and night for aircraft approach, landing and takeoffs. As aircraft lighting must be able to operate in all types of environmental conditions, Amglo built this PAR64 lamp to withstand high cyclic vibrations for innumerable takeoffs and landings. The lamp is manufactured through an offline annealing process to ensure glass stability and prevent breakage. Additionally, its filament, designed through a proprietary process, further enables the lamp to tolerate high vibrations without distortion. 

Significant features of the Q4559X aircraft landing light include: 

  • An average life of 100 hours 
  • Boeing IPC-approved 
  • Consistent light output over the life of the lamp
  • Uses the most reliable Coefficient of Expansion (CoE) glass for aircraft lamps 

“Amglo is pleased to be recognized as the company known for supporting the airline industry with dependable aircraft lighting products. We design all of our products with a laser focus on safety and innovation for lighting spanning the aviation industry. Hence, the Q4559X halogen lamp is highly engineered for safety, reliability and to help reduce operating costs,” said Grant Hyland, CEO of Amglo.