App for Portable, Fast Weld Inspection of Complex and Oversized Parts

App for Portable, Fast Weld Inspection of Complex and Oversized Parts

The new WeldSight Remote Connect app for the OmniScan X3 phased array flaw detector streamlines the weld inspection workflow by enabling users to perform every step via WeldSight software on a PC or laptop. Combined with Olympus scanners and probes, this phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) solution minimizes manufacturing delays caused by inefficient nondestructive testing (NDT) methods.

Improved Productivity for Large Weld Inspections

Manufacturers of oversized metal parts, from pressure vessels to wind turbine blades, must validate new-fabrication welds according to stringent international standards. Inspection bottlenecks can slow down production, with delays stretching into months.

With the WeldSight Remote Connect app downloaded on an OmniScan X3 flaw detector, the user can control the unit using WeldSight software on a connected computer. Thanks to this remote-control capability, the flaw detector and software combine to become an efficient, high-performance, portable inspection solution that is also cost effective. It provides manufacturers the flexibility to create customized equipment setups optimized for new weld inspections in oversized parts as well as complex configurations using multiple groups and probes, scanners and monitors to maximize the flaw detection coverage and visualization.

Faster Workflow, from Setup to Analysis

Olympus says time is saved from acquisition to analysis since the OmniScan X3 data is transferred instantly to the WeldSight computer. WeldSight software is equipped with specialized weld analysis tools and customizable data displays to optimize indication validation.

To ease flaw characterization and orientation, particularly for welds in large parts with complex geometries, WeldSight software provides a comprehensive image of the weld, enabling inspectors to merge distinct scan files and view the indication in detail from all sides. For additional scan plan flexibility, WeldSight software also offers an integrated ES BeamTool option, incorporating parameters for fabrication codes and a wide range of weld and part characteristics.

Inspection That Keeps Pace with Production

The WeldSight Remote Connect app paves the way for high-productivity, off-the-shelf weld inspection solutions for manufacturers, exploiting the powerful PA, UT and TOFD data acquisition of the OmniScan X3 flaw detector and the advanced functionalities and customizable user interface of WeldSight software. The solution enables manufacturers to comply with international standards governing new-fabrication welds while keeping pace with production.