AR Expands Ontic Partnership with Military Customer Support Distribution Contract Extension/Agreement

AAR has expanded its partnership with Ontic by signing a military customer support distribution contract extension and a new long-term global commercial distribution agreement.

Under the military customer support distribution contract extension, AAR will continue to provide supply chain solutions, including warehousing, logistics, and supply chain management, for Ontic’s Cheltenham MRO. AAR will also continue to deliver global distribution services, including sales and international government customer support of electronic assemblies, flight control units, gyroscopes, and altimeters, for military operators. This comprehensive supply chain agreement primarily focuses on Western and European platforms and serves F-15, F-16, Hawk, and Sea King aircraft, which are experiencing an increased operational tempo.

“Every day, our military customers across the world depend on Ontic parts to execute their missions effectively. By extending our agreement with AAR, we are ensuring that our valued customers continue to have access to the parts they need when they need them,” said Eric Lopes, Ontic’s general manager. “Ontic continues investing in solving some of the industry’s biggest challenges, and our partnership with AAR serves that priority.”

AAR will also become Ontic’s global exclusive OEM product distributor for the Twin Commander and Metro Merlin airframes. This new agreement increases AAR’s product offerings for commercial customers and provides Ontic’s customer base with lead time compression and elevated service levels.

“AAR is looking forward to working with Ontic’s commercial customers to provide excellent service, and we will uphold that commitment through the life of the Twin Commander and Metro Merlin airframes,” said Eric Young, AAR’s vice president of OEM Solutions. “We are also honored to be selected to continue providing long-term operational and cost-effective solutions to Ontic’s global MRO and aftermarket customers.”