BIOACT 105: Cleaner Earns Bombardier Approval

Petroferm Inc., Cleaning Products announced that BIOACT 105 Precision Cleaner has been approved by Bombardier per BAPS 180-009 as a General (G) Manual Solvent Cleaner.
BIOACT 105, a widely-approved manual cleaner, is selected for fast dry times and very low environmental and safety impact. For over 10 years, BIOACT 105 has been used as a safe and low use-cost alternative to acetone, isopropyl alcohol (IPA), methyl ether ketone (MEK) and other toxic, low-flash point solvents. It effectively removes adhesive and tape residues, carbonaceous soils, heavy greases, lubricants, paint overspray, silicones and waxes. BIOACT 105 offers excellent compatibility with substrates and materials used in aircraft MRO and OEM cleaning operations. It is available in liquid and pre-saturated wipes.
BIOACT 105 is also approved by Bell Helicopter (Bulletin No: 1915), CFM (CP# 2719), GE Aviation (CO4-251), Gulfstream Aerospace (GAS115H), Honeywell Aerospace (C5049), International Aerospace Engines (CoMat 01-506/A) Pratt & Whitney (PMC 8929), Rolls-Royce (CSS255, 1/257S) and United Airlines (SOL3001-17).

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