Bluetail Introduces MACH 2 Search

Bluetail, the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) aircraft records platform for business aviation, has introduced its second-generation Bluetail MAC 2 Search feature.

“When we introduced our MACH Search engine in 2021, it set the standard as the first machine learning search engine purpose-built to meet the specific needs of aircraft owners and operators,” stated Roberto Guerrieri, Bluetail CEO, and co-founder. “The many improvements we’ve built into MACH 2 are the results of what we’ve learned and what our customers and partners have asked for over these past two years.”

“Today, MACH 2 is the fastest, most logical, and easiest-to-use digital records search engine in aviation,” he continued. “It lets aircraft owners and operators perform faster and more accurate records searches, which in turn allows them to return their aircraft to service faster and at a lower cost.”

To achieve MACH 2’s industry-redefining capabilities, Bluetail’s engineering teams developed a series of enhancements to the search algorithms, creating advanced auto-organization and filters and an enhanced database architecture.

“While the technology behind MACH 2 is proprietary, the real differentiator is just how much it can do to help our customers achieve faster turns on each maintenance, compliance, or conformity event,” added Bluetail VP of development and delivery, Greg Baynham. “There are no cumbersome search filters. MACH 2 auto-recognizes all major filters, so maintenance personnel just have to click on the link to view, search or share logbooks, forms, ATA codes, file names, dates, or whatever the job requires.”

“Today’s aircraft operators and maintainers need tools that make their work more efficient,” he continued. “Bluetail’s new MACH 2 Search is the only solution that has been developed to do just that.”

MACH 2 Search will be available for Bluetail customers by the end of May 2023.

About Bluetail MACH 2 Search:

  • Auto-organizes large files and eliminates all manual indexing of keywords, numbers, or tags.
  • Machine learninganalyzes aircraft records data in real-time for a best-in-class search experience
  • Automatically recognizes all major search filters, including FAA Forms, Logbooks, ATA Codes, project dates, etc.
  • Finds any operations or maintenance records in seconds.
  • Recognizes handwriting of A&P signature or inspector signoffs.
  • Built on the most advanced enterprise security protocols.