CAPTURE 3D Delivers Fast Digitization with Precision Handheld 3D Scanner T-Scan Hawk

CAPTURE 3D, provider of 3D measurement solutions and the official U.S. partner for GOM GmbH/ZEISS, announced the T-Scan hawk, a portable laser scanner that collects precision 3D data fast. The handheld 3D scanner offers GOM Inspect 3D inspection software, integrated photogrammetry, multiple laser sources and three application-focused scanning modes, providing the flexibility needed to accomplish various diverse tasks, including aircraft MRO defect inspection, 3D printing, rapid prototyping, quality control and reverse engineering.

Three Scanning Modes for Flexibility

Key technical features of the T-Scan hawk provide flexibility to fulfill various purposes, including large-object photogrammetry, multiple laser sources and three application-focused scanning modes:

• Red crosses for larger measurement areas
• Single red line to reach difficult areas and deep pockets
• Blue lines for dark, shiny or reflective surfaces

Pressing a button on the handle changes scanning modes, even while scanning is in session. The system employs two laser sources, red and blue, to capture data from surface structures and materials, including dark and shiny objects. The integrated photogrammetry option brings scale for larger projects. For additional flexibility, The T-SCAN hawk uses dynamic referencing to collect 3D scan data on moving or vibrating objects, so users are not limited to stationary or still objects.

Portability for Tight, Hard to Reach Areas

As a lightweight, mobile, handheld 3D scanner, the T-Scan hawk is small enough to travel with and bring directly to the object it will scan. The T-SCAN hawk’s portability enables 3D inspection in tight places that may be difficult to fit a full-sized 3D measurement machine inside of such as in the interior of a car for digitizing or a confined space of an aircraft engine to inspect defects, wear and damage in MRO.

Speed and Ease of Use

The T-Scan hawk requires minimal setup, allowing scanning to begin in minutes. GOM Inspect software guides the user through the entire workflow of scanning, probing and inspecting, making the process fast and easy. Even users with industry-specific applications like maintenance, repair, and overhaul experience increased efficiency with the scanner’s ability to match actual part data instantly and visibly with nominal CAD.

GOM Inspect Software

GOM Inspect software is an industry standard for visible 3D measurement data and specialized digital engineering functions, providing an all-in-one solution to 3D metrology. GOM Inspect software facilitates the T-Scan hawk’s complete workflow from scanning to reporting for maximum ease of use. During data acquisition with the T-Scan hawk, the software displays the 3D data instantaneously throughout the workflow, making it possible to see the high-quality data results in real-time. GOM Inspect software features support the entire inspection process, from scanning to mesh editing, CAD import, GD&T and trend analyses, digital assembly and dimensional inspection.

High-Quality Data Capture

The T-Scan hawk projects a scanning area of 550 mm x 600 mm with 14 crossed red laser lines for general scanning tasks providing fast 3D digitizing, four parallel blue lines for fine details and a single red laser line for scanning in deep pockets or other hard to reach areas. The scanning resolution is 0.05 mm with multiple scan lines and 0.01 mm with the single red line.