Cert-Trace Innovative Green Blockchain-Powered Tool Offering Document Management, Archiving, and Sharing Capabilities

Cert-Trace is a green blockchain-powered tool offering document management, archiving, and sharing capabilities. Its features include the ability to handle any file format, access for authorized individuals or companies through a QR code, and browser-based operation that ensures compatibility with any device and operating system.

Unlike traditional blockchain systems that consume vast resources, Cert-Trace employs a “Green Blockchain” approach. It secures the fingerprint of the document and stores the document separately in the world’s most secure cloud storage, AWS. A document can only be accessed when its fingerprint from the blockchain matches the document from AWS. Cert-Trace is developed and managed by Helmes, one of the largest software development companies in the Baltics, ensuring its reliability. Their client roster includes companies like ALA SpA, ALA Germany, and the company says it is supported by Airbus.

Bill Holler, the founder of TraCert and ALA Germany GmbH, brings his experience in the aerospace and fastener industries to the company. A former chairman of DIN (NL) and ASD-STAN, and CEO of the former SMI manufacturing plant, Holler has shaped international aerospace norms and continues to drive innovation in the industry.