E-Z Lok Introduces Ultrasonic Inserts and Heat Staking Kits for Thermoplastics

E-Z Lok, manufacturer and distributor of threaded inserts for metal, plastic and wood is now offering E-Z Sonic with Threaded Insert Assortment kits. 

E-Z Sonic inserts are designed for post-molding installation in thermoplastic materials such as: acrylic, polypropylene and PVC. Machined out of high-quality brass and available with both inch and metric threads, these inserts are durable enough for the toughest environments and versatile enough to meet the needs of any application. Designs include tapered and straight that can be installed either with an ultrasonic horn or a heat driver.  Additional features are superior torque and pull-out resistance, inch or metric threads, tapered design in single and double vane and straight design in flush or flanged configuration. 

Straight inserts provide superior torque and pull-out resistance, while allowing for thinner boss walls. Flush inserts allow for installation even with or below the material surface. Flanged inserts are ideal for electrical connections or for additional pull-out resistance in reverse installations. Furthermore, E-Z Sonic straight threaded ultrasonic inserts feature a lead-in pilot to facilitate installation. Machined out of brass, the inserts are available with internal threads from 2 in. to 3/8 in. 

Tapered inserts are designed to reduce installation time, particularly in production runs, while maintaining outstanding performance characteristics. E-Z Sonic tapered ultrasonic inserts are machined out of brass and are available in single and double-vane lengths for maximum design flexibility. Internal threads from 2 to 3/8 in. and 2.5 mm to 6 mm are available.

Besides being ideal for post-molding installation in thermoplastics, the Heat Staking threaded insert assortment kits quickly add machine threads to 3D printed parts and prototypes. Design engineers and hobbyists alike will find value in the variety of thread options available in the kits. Threaded inserts in the kits are available in tapered and straight designs, with imperial and metric threads. Each kit includes 200 inserts and 5 installation tips for use with a soldering iron.