Empire Screen Highlights Wide Range of Warning, Danger and Safety Decals

Empire Screen Printing, a leading manufacturer of screen-printed products, highlights its warning, danger, and safety decals that keep people safe by warning them of potential hazards. The application of these products is in line with Empire’s own commitment to the safety of its employees, with its proven safety record as an organization.

These warning, danger, and safety decals are compliant with a range of standards, including ANSI, UL, CUL, RoHS, Prop 65, and REACH. This allows organizations to promote a safe working environment across a range of industry verticals, from OEM and sporting goods to medical device and electronics manufacturers. They come in multiple languages, allowing them to be employed by organizations across the world.

The decals are offered in custom shapes and sizes. They are created from a variety of materials, including vinyl, polycarbonate, and polyesters, as well as rigid materials, such as aluminum, and Sintra. Sintra, a lightweight PVC board that is waterproof and unaffected by heat and weather conditions, is particularly ideal for outdoor and indoor signage. The decals are printed via screen, flexo, or digital output.

Easy to peel and apply, with a wide range of materials and printing methods, organizations can choose the option that best fits the specific application they have in mind. These can be indoor and outdoor applications including everything from equipment warning decals, product safety labels, hazardous warning decals, and signage. Some customers also dome their decals to provide extra protection and scratch resistance.

Empire itself has a commitment to safety across its organization, with its safety committee established in 2005. The organization provides CPR and First Aid Training, and has a record number of days with no loss time accidents, specifically, 1,437. Empire’s recent safety awards include the 2020 EHS Safety Standout Awards and M3 Insurance Nominee Letter for the Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year. This experience gives Empire a deep appreciation for the value of warning, danger, and safety decals, which play a crucial role in keeping people safe.