Eurocopter UK Selects Envision from Rusada

Rusada announced that Eurocopter UK Ltd, Britain’s Civil Helicopter Hub, a long standing customer, has now contracted to use Envision alongside SAP for the management of their business.

David Smith, Technical Services Manager for Eurocopter UK explains:
‘With the move to Envision we see several key functions that will further enhance the efficiency of our operation – especially with respect to the management of aircraft. Maintenance Program and revision management can now be performed within one single application, negating the need for off system spreadsheets. Visual planning tools do likewise and are integrated such that you can drill down into workorders. Add to this the detailed defect deferral functionality and we have a tool that eliminates duplicate entry with maximum data accuracy and provides a higher level of instant available information to all users of the system. An interface between Envision and SAP will in addition remove the duplication of effort currently required to manage aircraft workorders, important for us as a company which executes more than 2700 maintenance events a year.”
The selection of Envision by Eurocopter UK further increases the number of both civil and military projects that Rusada support for Eurocopter around the world. Eurocopter UK provides supports to more than 400 aircraft in the UK and Ireland. Having been involved with Eurocopter for several years now as well as other rotary wing operators, Rusada have developed a sophisticated toolset that manages the complex operations of helicopters, including penalty life tracking. We have a number of customers who also employ SAP for their financial accountability who have found the maintenance and overhaul functionality within Envision gives them greater flexibility to match their maintenance processes whilst still retaining synchronisation between applications without duplication of effort.
Julian Stourton, CEO for Rusada added:
“We are very pleased to add Eurocopter UK to the family of Envision users around the world, they have been a valued customer for many years and with the move to SAP we are very happy to be able to provide a complimentary solution for their growing business.”

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