FAA Modernizes Aviation Maintenance Technician School Curriculum Requirements

A new rule from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will improve and modernize the training requirements for aviation maintenance technician schools (AMTS). This will ensure that new aviation technicians learn from curriculums that align with current industry standards.  

“These improvements will help us educate the future workforce and meet the demands of the evolving aviation community,” said FAA Deputy Administrator A. Bradley Mims. 

The previous requirements for AMTS were almost 50 years-old, which limited schools from aligning curriculums with modern industry standards. The new rule will enable schools to teach students with a curriculum that incorporates new innovations and technologies.  

In the Aircraft Certification, Safety, and Accountability Act of 2020, Congress directed the FAA to adopt new requirements for issuing AMTS certificates and the associated ratings. This rule adopts those requirements and revises the general operating rules for the holders of AMTS certificates and ratings.

The final rule takes effect 120 days after it published in the Federal Register.