From Strength to Strength

This is my last issue as editor of Aviation Maintenance magazine. It is simply a happy coincidence that I have been keeping the editor’s seat warm for Joy Finnegan, the previous editor, who will be returning from the next issue. I am moving back into defence journalism and Joy is coming back to an industry with which she has an enduring association.

Having spent an all-too-brief time in the aviation maintenance sector of the aviation industry, it has nevertheless been a hugely informative experience. I have covered military aviation, and in particular military rotorcraft, for most of the last 20 years, and I have learned so much about the details behind the through-life-costs of aircraft ownership over the last 15 months on AVM.

I feel justified in saying that it is a revolutionary time.

The collation, management, understanding and effective use of ‘big data’ is not merely an evolution. But the learning curve is steep, everyone is trying to do the same thing at the same time, the effect of which is that the global aviation industry is facing a serious challenge to recruit and retain sufficent high quality ‘white’ and ‘blue’ collar workers for all its needs. Reforming the curricula and qualifications of today to meet the onrushing, transformational skills requirements of tomorrow poses a very serious challenge.

You will be pleased to know that Aviation Maintenance is also transforming to enable you, the reader, to keep up with all of the changes not only within the magazine but also daily on our website. And here I will hand over to Joy to tell you more.

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