Gleim Maintenance Courses Approved for FAA AMT Awards Program

Gleim has announced that all of their online courses for aviation mechanics and IAs have been approved in the FAA AMT Awards Program.

This program is designed to help pilots and mechanics maintain currency and proficiency and therefore become safer in accomplishing their respective duties. The AMT Awards Program encourages ongoing training by attending seminars, completing on-the-job training programs, or completing approved online courses like these from Gleim.

The newly approved Gleim courses consist of the following:
AMT Gleim Online – Airframe
AMT Gleim Online – General
AMT Gleim Online – Powerplant
Inspection Authorization Renewal Course
Inspection Authorization Training Course

These courses join the 19 other widely used Gleim courses that have previously been approved under the Wings – Pilot Proficiency Program.

“With the approval of these courses for aviation mechanics and those with Inspection Authorization, we hope to build upon our successes and help inspire more individuals to engage in continuing education,” said Dr. Irvin Gleim, company president.

As with all Gleim courses, you may try the first Study Unit of each of these Gleim courses for free at

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