Helidax Selects ADSOFTWARE to Upgrade its CAMO and MRO Management Software

Helidax Selects ADSOFTWARE to Upgrade its CAMO and MRO Management Software

Helidax has selected ADSOFTWARE to replace its MRO and CAMO management software as the company grows. The project has begun and covers the implementation of the CAMO and MRO management solutions, training and additional developments specifically requested by Helidax.

Helidax puts its fleet of 36 H120 and 18 AS550 at the disposal of the French Defence Ministry through two contracts: the first contract is a pioneering agreement that aims at maintaining a high level of fleet availability for pilot training while reducing operational costs, the second contract assigns the comprehensive fleet management responsibility to a unique provider; illustrating the new MOC approach of the Ministry. In this context the selected software solution will play a key role in attaining these objectives.

ADSOFTWARE says it has a proven track record of more than 20 years in the field, with major helicopter operators among its customers and also military operators. The solution appeared user-friendly and yet advanced enough to host the complex procedures of Helidax operations.

ADSOFTWARE also demonstrated its data protection measures, an essential requirement for any contract associated with the Ministry of Defense. This contract marks another important milestone for ADSOFTWARE as this is the largest military contract signed by the company to date.

Fred Ulrich, ADSOFTWARE’s CEO says the company is “extremely proud of this achievement. Our level of commitment and dedication to Helidax is second to none. This confirms ADSOFTWARE position among the world’s leading IT solutions for aviation. We are happy to be associated with Helidax, a company characterizing L’excellence française.”