Jamco Corporation Highlights Venture Premium Class Seat

Jamco Corporation is highlighting its Venture Premium Class Seat, designed with sustainability in mind, while minimizing operational costs for airlines. Jamco’s Venture seat is made with a high amount of recycled material, is lighter than traditional seats, is easy to install and requires less overall maintenance.

Jamco’s Venture seat is manufactured from advanced patented panel composites, metal alloys, and plastics, making it significantly lighter than traditional seats while providing improved durability and maximum comfort. The extrusion and casting processes reduce the amount of material needed to manufacture Venture. Both processes are energy efficient, have a low environmental impact, do not produce harmful emissions, and do not require the use of toxic chemicals or large amounts of water. In addition, the design of Venture prioritizes reduced part count and minimizes decorative surfaces, resulting in a lightweight structure. Venture is proven to reduce spares, seat maintenance costs, and weight, resulting in the benefit of reduced operational costs for airlines.

With Venture, seats are configured so that every passenger has direct aisle access, fully lie-flat seats, and seamless surroundings including minimal trim due to the trimless patented co-cured backshell. Additional features include a capacitive touch PCU with customizable LED colors and button icons, customizable mood lighting, elegant leather upholstery, adjustable meal tray, and an up to 21-inch entertainment screen that is mounted such that the passenger can watch in-flight entertainment from gate-to-gate.
By design, the Venture seat is built to last and can be easily maintained for many years of service. When eventually the product is ready to be retired from service, a significant portion of the product can be recycled as its materials are easy to disassemble and repurpose at end of life.

Jamco believes its Venture seat is a revolutionary product that demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of flying. As global demand for air travel continues to grow, Jamco will continue to develop innovative products like the Venture seat.