LOTAMS Deploys Donecle Drones

Donecle announced that LOTAMS had selected its drone-based solution to enhance their maintenance operations. The leading MRO has signed a multi-year contract with Donecle covering the deployment and support of an automated solution to optimize visual inspections.

LOTAMS is an independent Polish MRO based in Warsaw, with extended capabilities for line and base maintenance inspections, as well as wide range of workshops. As part of their digital transformation, they approached Donecle for their automated aircraft inspection solution.

“We had the opportunity to see the Donecle drone in operation and were impressed by the solution capabilities,” Jakub Jasinski, Sales Director at LOTAMS, said. “As one of CEE’s most dynamically developed MROs, it definitely fits our innovation priorities.”

Donecle is providing a complete solution to LOTAMS, with a drone that can fully scan the external aircraft surface and a powerful software suite that assists the inspector to detect damages and create exhaustive inspection reports. The drone deployment will cover multiple platforms such as Boeing 737NG, 737MAX, Embraer 170, 190 and 195.

In addition to using the platform on all narrow-body aircraft, LOTAMS will participate in the development and validation of the drone capability on Boeing 767 and Boeing 787 aircraft.  With around 250 inspections per year, LOTAMS will be one of the first to benefit from the new wide-body and outdoor inspection capabilities that Donecle is rolling out.

“We are pleased to be working with LOTAMS, another European MRO that chooses to look at innovation to improve the safety and efficiency of its operations,” Matthieu Claybrough, CEO at Donecle, said. “Furthermore, the partnership will both help us validate our wide-body capabilities and help in the qualification of our solution on Embraer, well advanced alongside our other Dutch partner, RJC.”