MD Receives FAA Approval for MD 500E “Slimline” Glass Cockpit

MD Helicopters (MDHI) has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification to install a new “slimline” advanced glass cockpit that modernizes the MD500E platform for increased visibility and field of view.

The slimline cockpit is now standard in all new MD500E aircraft and includes four inches of additional visibility on both sides of the instrument panel when compared to the traditional configuration. The modernized design features the Garmin G500H TXiTM dual touch-screen integrated display system with screens serving as Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD).

Helicopter Synthetic Vision Technology (HSVTTM) and Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (HTAWS) capabilities are also available via the Garmin G500H TXiTM. Dual Howell Instruments displays serve as the Engine Indicating and Crew Alerting System (EICAS), while the liquid crystal display Garmin GTNTM 650H provides navigation and communication functions, while also including moving map for airway and approach procedures.

“We have put considerable effort into listening to our customers these past two years; increasing visibility and field of view, and modernization of the cockpit was a common request,” says Jason Lindauer, vice president business development and Aftermarket. “The slimline configuration received significant positive feedback at HAI HELI-EXPO 2022, from every category of operator.” The company will be installing the slimline glass cockpit into their training aircraft, providing the most current training opportunities for every operator.