MRO Insider Forges Ahead with Wyvern Partnership

MRO Insider and WYVERN say they are moving ahead with their partnership to bring “safety to the forefront of business aviation maintenance.” MRO Insider has developed an operator-facing indicator on their platform to distinguish MROs who have a WYVERN certified SMS system and will work directly with Wyvern and the MROs to make this a success.

“Since the beginning, our goal has been to provide clarity to maintenance decisions made by our aircraft operators,” said Andy Nixon, co-founder and president of MRO Insider. “Incorporating an SMS system is a great way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the safety and quality of a provider’s operation. WYVERN’s experience and vision makes them the perfect partner to incorporate a safety-focused accreditation for providers who want to continue moving the bar forward.”

Sonnie Bates, CEO of WYVERN, stated, “Ensuring excellence in aircraft maintenance is fundamental to aviation safety. However, many MROs do not have sound practices to ensure technicians are adequately trained and competent on the aircraft they repair and inspect. Furthermore, many MROs do not manage fatigue for their maintenance professionals, which undermines their health and well-being, and adversely affects their job performance. This partnership with MRO Insider aims to address these and other safety issues with well-designed safety management systems.”

The MRO Insider platform is a single solution for aircraft operators to obtain quotes for services. After WYVERN qualification as a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Safety Member, their status will be easily shown to users on the MRO Insider platform, allowing operators who may be interested in using a provider they haven’t used before to feel confident that the provider prioritizes safety by utilizing an SMS.

The MRO Insider/WYVERN SMS certification allows providers to choose from three different levels. Implementers can choose a one-time virtual or on-site audit to validate the MRO’s SMS performance using the certification criteria, or opt to become a WYVERN member, which includes ongoing assessment and continual improvement by a WYVERN SMS coach.