MTI Instruments’ WiFi-Enabled 1520 Portable Signal Simulator/Calibrator Brings Enhanced Functionality, Laboratory-Grade Accuracy Directly to Flightline and Test-Cell

MTI Instruments has introduced the 1520 Signal Simulator and Calibrator offering WiFi connectivity, ergonomic and visualization features, and up to 10 hours of battery life. Designed to support MTI Instruments’ proven jet engine vibration measurement and balancing systems, the portable signal simulator brings laboratory-grade accuracy directly onto the flightline and to the test-cell. The unit features a rugged, two-handed controller for glove-friendly operation and a color touchscreen for viewing high-precision graphical waveforms. Unlike other simulators/calibrators, the 1520 needs just one technician to set up signal simulations at a location and then, via wireless login, conduct the test while observing and adjusting values at another.

The 1520 adds functionality and versatility to MTI Instruments’ existing, well-respected handheld 1510A Signal Simulator. The key features of the new 1520 Signal Simulator and Calibrator include

 WiFi Capability – Wireless login and control of full functionality enables fast and easy testing of hard-to-reach sensors and devices at the flightline and test-cell
 Portable, Rugged – Ergonomic design includes glove-friendly buttons as well as a color touchscreen
 High-Precision Waveforms – Custom, sine, square, triangle, pulse, tachometer and sawtooth waveforms from 0.1Hz to 100kHz n 0.1 Hz increments
 Long Battery Life – Operates up to 10 hours on a single charge
 Bridge Circuit Simulation – Easy to command microvolts to simulate strain gauges
 Standards Compliant – Comes with NIST-traceable calibration certificate
 Cost Effective – Delivers high-precision laboratory-grade functionality at a competitive price

“Our new 1520 has upgraded features that jet maintenance technicians have been waiting for in a portable signal simulator and calibrator: Wireless capability and ergonomic design that can be used with gloves, excellent waveform visualization – and up to 10 hours of battery life,” said Moshe Binyamin, President and CEO of MTI Instruments. “Thanks to the unit’s WiFi feature, many routine flightline sensor test procedures can be performed by a single technician. MTI Instruments makes it easy for technicians to bring laboratory-grade test equipment onto the flightline and into the field where maintenance and testing is taking place.”

The 1520 will be on display at the 2022 NBAA Maintenance Conference, Booth 639, May 3-6, in San Antonio, Texas. The 1520 signal simulator is ideal for use with MTI Instruments’ jet engine test equipment, including the recently introduced PBS eXpress portable engine balancing system geared to the business and regional jet market.