OASES launches new Maintenance Control Module

OASES has launched its new Maintenance Control Module.  The new module enables flexible line maintenance planning for aircraft both for enhanced safety and for ensuring improved scheduling. 
OASES Cloud customers will be able to access a graphical display of planned work orders, maintenance activity forecasts, and future aircraft flying programs. Integration with customers’ existing Ops Planning systems allows users to identify and react to changes such as flying program alterations and materials availability. Rescheduling works orders, and adjusting content as required, ensures tighter cost control and greater operational efficiency. 
The module addresses the entire matrix of complex aircraft maintenance logistics issues; the time involved in allocating maintenance time-slots and locations, sourcing materials and tools is significantly reduced and aircraft downtime minimized. Controllers can also visualize the ‘knock-on’ effect of short-notice changes to planning schedules and react appropriately.
Through direct consultation and close collaboration with customers via the OASES Ideas Portal, specific new requirements have been included:  

  • Grouping of multiple controls for the same work card
  • Easier work order reassignment of planned defect rectification 
  • Checklist revision display for users to confirm current checklist revisions

“The Maintenance Control Module provides unprecedented levels of awareness for maintenance planners and defect controllers,” Adam Frost, Product Manager at OASES, said. “Through its uncluttered view of short-term maintenance plans, it supports unequivocal focus on making the right tactical decisions; everything that needs to be checked in support of maintenance tasks and processes is available at a glance.”