Ontic Enters 42nd License Agreement with Honeywell to Deliver Essential Boeing Waste Management System

Ontic has entered into a new license agreement with Honeywell for its vacuum generator and check valve waste management product line, marking the 42nd license agreement between the companies.

Extending across Boeing platforms including the 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777, the vacuum generator provides the vacuum required for vital flushing systems when on the ground or flying under 16,000 feet. The check valve then regulates the pressure and air flow during the vacuum process and pressurization – an essential operation to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on board.

As part of this license, Ontic will adopt all existing contracts, including service center agreements, to ensure global operators continue to receive expert maintenance support and availability of spare parts. This system has been fitted to every Boeing platform since 1983 and production is set to continue in support of new aircraft as well as those currently in service. By entering this license with Honeywell, Ontic can continue to deliver essential product lines to new and existing platforms for Boeing and
the wider operator community.

“This agreement with Honeywell adds to Ontic’s growing portfolio of full lifecycle support, from original equipment on new aircraft, to spares and repairs as platforms mature,” said Gareth Blackbird, vice president and COO at Ontic. “Over the years, we have strengthened the expertise within Ontic and we are able to seamlessly deliver global support to Boeing and operators to increase platform
availability and reduce time for spares and repairs This latest product line closely aligns to Ontic’s core capabilities and growth strategy, and is strengthened by the company’s license to support B-1B onboard human factors systems for Boeing platforms.”