RedCabin Announces New Trinity Awards

RedCabin has announced a new awards program for industry professionals in aviation interiors – the RedCabin Trinity Awards. These awards celebrate the collaboration of the three key stakeholders in the aviation interiors industry: the inventor of a cabin related concept, the organization that deploys the concept — typically an airline, leasing company or airframe manufacturer — and RedCabin as the host of the awards scheme.  Uniquely the judging panel is exclusively made up of airlines and aircraft leasing companies — ensuing the awards reflect the real requirements of the industry.

Since its launch, RedCabin says it has been promoting collaboration that fosters innovation in the aviation interiors industry. RedCabin’s Aircraft Interiors Innovation Summits (ACIS) bring together key stakeholders to drive positive change in the aviation industry.

A wide range of categories celebrating innovation

The RedCabin Trinity Awards celebrate excellence and innovation across the spectrum of the aircraft interiors industry. Awards will be judged against strict criteria including likelihood of the concept becoming reality, cost reduction, efficiency improvement and the concept’s ability to improve the passenger experience in an aircraft cabin.

Companies can enter the following categories:

  • Passenger experience concept: this covers all concepts for future products – including hardware and software experiences and digital services – that deliver innovations that improve passenger experience within the cabin
  • Cabin service concept: this covers concepts for future service models and products that are beneficial for airlines and – ideally – passengers.  
  • Cabin MRO concept: this celebrates the best innovation to further develop cabin related MRO products, services and processes.
  • Sustainability concept: this category celebrates the best concepts for sustainable products, processes and services within an aircraft cabin to drive a circular economy.
  • Collaboration excellence: this category rewards excellence in collaboration, across at least three different parties, all contributing to the success of a new product, service or industry standard.
  • Newcomer/start-up: this award is for organisations younger than two years’ old that have created a cabin concept that will have a major impact on aviation. The start-ups can submit a concept related to one of the first four categories.
  • Best of RedCabin: this honours the speaker, moderator or workshop leader at a RedCabin ACIS that reinforces the unique culture of RedCabin as voted for at the summit.
  • Influential/lifetime achievement: this award recognises the outstanding contribution of an individual to the industry over a sustained period of excellence – rewarding contribution, commitment and achievement.

Timeline for the RedCabin Trinity Awards

The awards are open for entries from 9 November 2023, with the entry period closing on 15 December 2023. A highly respected industry judging panel of airlines and air leasing companies will meet to review the awards before a shortlist is announced in March 2024. Finalists will be announced in April 2024. The winners will be announced at a ceremony at ACIS in Dallas, USA on 13 June 2024.  The Boeing Company is confirmed as the first headline sponsor of the awards.

“These awards pioneer the importance of collaboration in aviation interiors,” said founder and chief executive of RedCabin, Monica Wick. “RedCabin is dedicated to bringing the industry together in the firm belief that innovation is inspired by cooperation. We created these awards to  celebrate the concepts, products and services that will materially improve the in-cabin experience in the future – for airlines and, ultimately, traveling passengers.”

Awards to be a central part of US ACIS 2024, hosted by American Airlines

The awards will be an integral part of RedCabin’s ACIS in Dallas, Texas, hosted by American Airlines, 12 to 14 June 2024. The event will showcase passenger experience innovation from airframe manufacturers, airlines and industry leading suppliers from across the globe, as well as cover issues such as delivering a 21st Century cabin experience for the next generation of supersonic and evTOL aircraft. The full agenda will be revealed first at and at

RedCabin Summits are widely recognised in the industry as the showcase for new innovation.  From shaping the future of sustainable aviation, to new seat and cabin designs, to unveiling innovation in colour, materials and finish (CMF), global innovators in aviation interiors choose to launch new products and concepts to the industry at RedCabin Summits.

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