Rotorcorp Names Bill Sengstacken as Vice President of Marketing

Rotorcorp, an Authorized Robinson Helicopter Company service center recently announced that they have named B2B marketing veteran, Bill Sengstacken, as vice president of Marketing. Serving more than 1500 customers in 45 countries worldwide, Rotorcorp is the largest seller of parts, overhaul kits, engines and major components for Robinson helicopters. In his new leadership role, Sengstacken will develop and execute Rotorcorp’s overall marketing strategy with the aim to build Rotorcorp’s brand recognition and increase online revenues. 

“No matter if the person looking to buy Robinson Helicopter parts is shopping for themselves or for a fleet of helicopters, it is clear that our customers want a better online shopping experience,” said Sean Casey, president of Rotorcorp. “We’ve all shopped online and know when a shopping experience is good or bad. While Rotorcorp maintains the only e-commerce website focused on Robinson Helicopter parts, we’re looking to Bill to both provide a more intuitive way to buy Robinson helicopter parts and overhaul kits. We also want to give people a reason to keep bookmarked in their browser and to come back for parts as well as insights and expertise we intend to share.”

Sengstacken brings more than 20 years of branding and B2B marketing expertise to Rotorcorp with branding and marketing leadership roles at JBoss, Red Hat, Lancope, and Terracotta. He plans to build recognition of the Rotorcorp and to position the company to be seen as more than just a tools and parts supplier for Robinson Helicopters and Fleets. He says that the key to this will be by building better connections that resonate with the customer.

“Having parts for the R22, R44, and R66 in stock to buy and ship today is the easy part,” Sengstacken explains. “Rotorcorp needs to give a reason for our customers to stick around and come back for a consistent repeatable experience. We need to make smart investments if we want potential buyers of Robinson parts and tools to visit our Robinson Helicopter parts store.”

“Rotorcorp’s current customers are loyal because they know they can trust us to deliver both the parts and the know-how they need to keep flying. A big reason why I took on this role was because of Rotorcorp’s expertise and knowledge of Robinson Helicopters. By sharing that knowledge on and beyond, we can help the people who work to keep Robinson Helicopters flying, and give them a reason to come back for more.”

While Rotorcorp’s track record supplying Robinson helicopter parts to customers is well established, the company sees eCommerce and online sales of parts, tools, overhaul kits and components to be critical to its growth. 

“It’s not unusual for a customer to be on our website looking to buy an overhaul kit for an R44 that’s about to hit the 2200 hour mark to give me a call,” Rotorcorp VP of Operations Tracy Jensen commented. “In my nearly 10 years at Rotorcorp, customers tell me that they keep coming back because they know Robinson Helicopters and compatible engines are our focus. I can’t wait to see Bill take our ‘insider knowledge’ and share it with those searching for help with an engine overhaul or to be sure that they are getting everything they need to service their helicopters.”