Service Electrical Vehicles Safely with the New Electric Vehicle General Maintenance Kit from Snap-on Industrial

The new Electric Vehicle General Maintenance Kit from Snap-on Industrial provides technicians with all the hand tools they need to service electric vehicles safely and reliably.

The Electric Vehicle General Maintenance Kit (EVTECHCARTO) contains an assortment of 270 hand tools, which are composite in design to prevent electricity from reaching the technician’s hand, ensuring excellent protection without compromising on performance. Composite tools are IEC60900 compliant; composite sockets and extensions are UL rated. 

The kit also includes a toolbox and tool control foam. The Electric Orange Roll Cart (KRSC46HPJK) comes with six 35” wide drawers and a top compartment housed in a one-piece fully welded box designed to hold 120 pounds per drawer (240 pounds with double sides). The top compartment stores a battery charger and can be used as a charging station while locked. Additionally, every tool has a specific place in the box, thanks to pre-cut foam for maximum organization, tool identification, inventory, and storage. 

Tool assortment includes:

  • Composite 3/8” metric sockets from 8mm to 19mm
  • Chrome 6-point 1/4″ sockets, shallow and deep from 4mm to 15mm
  • Chrome 6-point 3/8” sockets, shallow and deep from 6mm to 21mm
  • Composite ring- and open-ended wrenches from 6mm to 19mm
  • Flank drive 12-point combination wrenches from 6mm to 23mm
  • Composite pliers
  • Composite hex keys from 3mm to 12mm
  • 1/4″ torque wrench rated from 15-300 in-lbs.
  • Digital hybrid multimeter
  • 12V DC circuit tester