Signal Group Establishes Gas Monitoring Hire Fleet

Responding to a demand for short-term monitoring, Signal Group has established a fleet of gas measurement instruments that are available for hire. “Some of our customers only need the equipment for a specific project or for a short-term investigation,” explains MD James Clements. “In these circumstances it would not be sensible to purchase the equipment, because it may not be required at the end of the project, and the capital cost may be preclusive. We have therefore established a small range of our more popular instruments, which are now available for rent.”

The rental equipment includes Signal analysers employing FID for VOC and non-methane hydrocarbons; chemiluminescent analysers for NO/NOx; NDIR for multiple species such as CO, CO2, CH4, NO, N2O, SO2 and HCl. In addition to reference method gas analyzers, Signal Group also manufactures a comprehensive range of ancillary instruments including heated lines, sample conditioners, filters, cooler/dryers, methane cutters, NOx converters, sample dividers and calibration equipment. These instruments are all available for hire on a first-come, first-served basis.