SkySelect Partners with AeroParts Now to Streamline and Automate Aircraft Parts Quotation Process.

SkySelect, the eProcurement-as-a-Service platform provider, has entered into a partnership with AeroParts Now to integrate their respective platforms to enhance the aircraft parts purchasing process for suppliers.

The new integration will bring greater efficiency and ease of use, leading to more sales volume for suppliers by automating the submission of catalogs and quotes. Historically, this process has been tedious, and time-consuming as suppliers rely on manual daily or weekly batch uploads instead of data streams. “We’re always looking for ways to provide our parts supplier customers with streamlined processes and innovative ways to close sales, and that’s why we’ve integrated our system with SkySelect’s,” said Will Dent, AeroParts Now president and CTO. “Given SkySelect’s market growth, it’s a platform that cannot be missed out on.”

Once suppliers have connected, the process will run automatically, saving time and creating new revenue opportunities. Those opportunities are due to increase significantly because SkySelect has and is on pace to onboard many new airline and MRO customers in the coming months.

“Of course, a lot of consideration is given to the buyer, but that’s just one part of the complete parts purchasing process, said Ricky Lim, SkySelect’s Senior Manager – Sales & Business Development. “Our aim at SkySelect is to support and improve the entire supply chain, including driving innovation and better user experience on the supplier side. That’s why the partnership with AeroParts Now gets us excited.”