Snap-on Industrial Introduces New 12 V Engine Starter Plus with AGM

For portable power on the job, Snap-on Industrial has introduced the new 12 V Engine Starter Plus with 33 Ah AGM (EEJP700). Its high output sealed 33 Ah AGM provides 550 cranking amps and includes a convenient replaceable internal battery and a charger that won’t overcharge the battery, giving it a longer lifespan. 

The rotary switch along with the low voltage/high current parameter allows this engine starter to connect and start with no sequencing required. The battery, cables and charger are all field-replaceable so your device can be repaired right away, eliminating the need to be sent in for replacement parts.

The clamps are quickly and easily secured to the device with patent-pending magnetic side clamp holders. Its long reach, 65” field-replaceable cables use tough, high current flow 2-gauge wire that can deliver power where it’s needed. 

Made in the USA, Snap-on Industrial says their 12 V Engine Starter Plus with 33 Ah AGM is “versatile, dependable and convenient,” and has these in-demand features and benefits:

  • Digital display indicates coded messages such as charging, full charge, bad internal battery, failed internal charger, reverse polarity and more
  • An easy-to-use “Volts” button displays the DC voltage of the internal battery, or shows when connected to a vehicle (A) or blended jump ready (J)
  • Instant-on USB ports, 5V 2.4A USB-A and 5V 3A USB-C, to charge or power phones and devices
  • Icons light up for reverse polarity, when USB ports are on, or when the clamps are live
  • Safe and convenient separate on/off switch for engine start
  • Internal battery charged via 110 V AC using a heavy-duty, shop-owned cord (that plugs into the back of the unit)
  • Optional USB light keeps the work area lit 
  • Operating temperature range of 0–122 °F (-18–50 °C)
  • Field-replaceable battery (EEJP700-BAT), cables (EEJP700-NEGCC, EEJP700-POSCC) and charger (EEJP700-CHARGER) can be ordered as backup components