SOLJETS, a Park City, Utah-based private jet brokerage firm, ss technology is the next evolution of jet transactions, which is where the firm has been investing since its launch over six years ago.

SOLDATA is the firm’s proprietary database, exclusively available to SOLJETS clientele. SOLDATA presently tracks over 23,000 business aircraft, including their unique technical aspects such as airframe and engine times, maintenance programs, inspection status, features and cabin configuration. While many of these metrics are commonly tracked by industry specialists, the company says SOLDATA is the next evolution for aircraft value analysis.

SOLDATA identifies a market value for all attributes, such as-

● Aircraft Age
● Utilization Trend
● Cabin Configuration
● Features
● Paint & Interior Refurbishment

As newly appointed chief technology officer, Ryan Crawford, claims, “Our goal is to provide clients with data transparency to assist in confident and agile decisions. Buyers and Sellers demand real-time aircraft market intelligence and SOLDATA is the next-generation platform to meet that expectation.”

SOLJETS says they understand that accurate and timely aircraft valuation is crucial in the transaction and that SOLDATA provides that by using its proprietary Fair Market Value (FMV) valuation tool. FMV analyzes core attributes and options and conveniently compares them on a market value basis to determine holistic value. By comparing with other recently sold aircraft in the fleet, FMV produces a matrix breakdown of all adjustments and allows for entire markets to be evaluated in a matter of minutes illustrating the best buy relative to a particular client’s needs, they contend.

SOLJETS has already completed its first major release of SOLDATA and says they will continue to further enhance functionality & leverage emerging technologies.

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